This section allows you to explore tools that are helping users to track the analytics of Morpho.


DeBank is a dashboard for tracking your DeFi portfolio, with data and analytics for both morpho-compound & morpho-aave.

DeFi Llama

The analytics of Morpho are on DefiLlama, which is the largest TVL (Total Value Locked) aggregator for DeFi. For more granularity, one can focus on TVL regarding morpho-compound & morpho-aave.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a data platform that crypto-asset analysts and investors use to research specific projects such as NFTs, DeFi platforms, or blockchain ecosystems. Anyone can query the data and create visualizations using Dune, such as the analytics of morpho-compound & morpho-aave. is hosted by the Morpho Association. One can focus on the overall analytics or the one related to morpho-compound or morpho-aave. Some more information regarding the markets are also provided there.


Zapper is a simple dashboard for keeping track of your DeFi portfolio, including assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, claimable prizes, and yield farming activities. The analytics of morpho-compound and morpho-aave are already available.
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