Integrated Into

Partners that have integrated Morpho products and enable to harness its capabilities from their interface


Instadapp is a DApp built on the Ethereum network that integrates DeFi protocols into one platform for easy asset monitoring and management, which allows users to use some one-click strategies related to Morpho.
Migrate position feature here. Supports: AaveV2 Optimizer CompoundV2 Optimizer
​Defi Saver​
DeFi Saver is a one-stop management solution for decentralized finance with advanced leverage management tools and unique automated management features.
Migrate position feature here.
AaveV2 Optimizer


Balancer is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain enabling users to create and trade custom token baskets, called liquidity pools. There is the Balancer Boosted Morpho-Aave USD existing, aiming to optimize capital efficiency of tokens deposited into it.
Idle is a decentralized protocol and set of products designed to be a one-stop source of yield. Among Idle’s core offerings, there are Perpetual Yield Tranches, an innovative primitive to split yield sources into 2 risk-return profiles: Senior Tranches & Junior Tranches. The improved rates from Morpho yield-bearing assets unlock better total return opportunities for perpetual tranches users.
Spool is composable and permissionless DeFi middleware that connects Capital Aggregators with DeFi Yield Generators to dynamically, automatically, and efficiently allocate funds and ensure optimized yields for custom strategies.
One can create its own Spool using Morpho-related strategies, or one can use some already created.
DeFiEdge is an on-chain asset management protocol built on Uniswap V3. Morpho now enables new delta-hedged strategies and improves the capital efficiency of the positions by using the morpho-compound strategy.

Fixed rate

Sense Protocol is a decentralized fixed-income protocol on Ethereum where users can provide ma/mcToken liquidity in the pools, earn fix rate on Principal-Tokens ( against maDAI, maUSDC & maUSDT), and variable rates on Yield-Tokens. Please refer to the documentation to see how to get some ma/mcTokens.
IPOR Protocol allows users to hedge their exposure on Morpho by leveraging non-custodian on-chain interest rate swaps on USDT, USDC, & DAI (e.g., pay a fixed rate). There is a tutorial on how to do so. IPOR is a DeFi permissionless interest rate index used by IPOR Protocol.


Origin has its own stablecoin, the Origin Dollar (OUSD). Origin intends to support users as they passively earn yield on OUSD held in wallets. The underlying strategies are using morpho-compound and morpho-aave.
Volt is a decentralized savings and credit system with native yield-bearing stablecoin. Morpho offers the opportunity for $VOLT holders to earn higher yields, same liquidity and risk parameters as the underlying Compound market.
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