Repay & Withdraw

How to repay your loan and withdraw your supplied assets from Morpho


Make sure that you are on the Repay tab. Enter the amount that you wish to repay.
Approve the spending of your asset. You have two options: A one-off approval for a limited amount or an unlimited approval. The first option is more secure, but you will have to do it again whenever you want to Repay this asset, which is more costly.
Once the transaction is approved, you can repay your loan.
Repay tab


Select the asset you want to withdraw on the Markets Page (located on the left-hand panel).
A withdrawal can only be executed if your debt allows it. If your borrowing capacity is too low, you might need to repay some or the entirety of your loan before withdrawing your supplied assets.
Repay card
Input the amount you want to withdraw and click on the Withdraw button - that's it!