To vote on Morpho governance, use Here, you will find the list of all closed, ongoing, and upcoming proposals for the Morpho DAO.
Voting on gauges can be done using

Voting Strategy

One's voting power in Morpho's governance is calculated using this script. Users receive governance power by either:
  1. 1.
    MORPHO Ownership
  2. 2.
    Own MORPHO through a vesting contract

Validation of the proposal

For proposals to pass, they must reach quorum. Currently, this parameter is set to 500,000 MORPHO. Abstention is not taken into account in this quorum at the moment.
Voting period for general proposals is 72 hours + a 24 hour timelock.
Voting for gauges is 7 days.
Currently, no initial duration is set before the start of the vote. Yet, it is advised to post your proposal on the governance forum before submitting a vote.